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Food For Your Immune System

Due to modern day conditions, food production and processing methods, natural nutrients important to our health are removed from the foods we eat.

The ingredients required to keep us healthy and defend our body against environmental trauma, stress, bacteria, viruses, and aging diseases are longer present in our everyday foods. When your immune system is not effectively supported with the foods you eat, it diminishes your ability to resist disease.

Enhancing your immune system is the key to maintaining good health, resisting the diseases of aging, and living longer. Without effectively boosting your immune system you could be losing the battle against disease and aging.

Glutathione (or its reduced form, GSH) is a natural protein found in the body's cells and in many fresh fruits and vegetables. Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide formed from the amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid.

Glutathione (GSH) : Your Body's Most Powerful Healing Agent by Stephen Schettini, Dr. Jimmy GutmanGlutathione is your body's master antioxidant and is considered to be the most important antioxidant molecule and healing agent.

High levels of glutathione appear to protect against the dangers of cancer, heart disease, premature aging, autoimmune diseases, and chronic illnesses.

The highest concentration of glutathione is found in the liver which is the principal organ involved in the detoxification and elimination of toxic materials.

Low glutathione levels are implicated in immune compromised individuals, neuro-degenerative and auto-immune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, atherosclerosis, hydroxylradical formation, cataracts, damage from many pharmaceutical drugs, cancer and poor survival rates for patients with AIDS.

How Does Glutathione Boost The Immune System?

There are over a trillion immune system cells in the human body. These cells are the body's soldiers for defending itself.

The strength of your cells and their ability to replicate are directly related to their ability to manufacture glutathione.

As glutathione levels drop, the person gets sicker. This is because white blood cells and the liver use GSH to detoxify poisons inside the body.

White blood cells are particularly sensitive to changes in glutathione levels, and even subtle changes may have profound effects on the immune response.

When the level decreases, less toxins are able to be eliminated leading to a build up in the body. This leads to increased white blood cell death (due to the cell poisoning itself) and liver impairment.

As an antioxidant, glutathione is essential for allowing white blood cells (or lymphocytes) to express their full potential, without being hampered by accumulation of oxyradicals (the harmful by-products of cellular metabolism) during the development of the immune response.

Imagine millions of tired and worn out soldiers as your immune system cells would be if they were low on glutathione. Not a very strong defence against enemies, such as viruses and bacteria, that might attack you.

Now imagine an army of the strongest, healthiest soldiers you can get. And imagine how strong a defence your immune system can put up if these soldiers never get tired, weak or sick. This is exactly what happens when your body has optimal levels of glutathione.

Glutathione has also been shown to enhance the movement (locomotion) of white blood cells called neutrophils to the site of injury or infection and decrease the number of bacterial colonies present there, resulting in improved survival.

The cell's ability to make glutathione is in turn determined by the supply of raw materials (or precursors) for glutathione, in particular of the sulfur-containing amino aci, cysteine.

The best way to increase and maintain one's GSH levels is to include animal foods in one's diet as these contain the amino acids needed by the body to synthesize GSH. Foods rich in the sulfur amino acids (e.g., eggs) are especially good sources.

Cystine comes mostly from eggs, milk and cheese. But in the cooking of eggs and processing of milk/cheese, the composition of cystine is changed to cysteine, while still a valuable protein it no longer functions as a food for glutathione.

An excellent health food supplement that can optimize glutathione levels is un-denatured (non-heated) whey protein.

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